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Our Rubber Tie Pads, are made with premium recycled rubber and protected with proprietary sealant. With an average tensile strength of over 7,000 pounds, our pads are the most durable rubber tie pad on the market. Recycled Rubber Tie Pads also disperse vibration and shock. Samples are available upon request.
Superior in tensile strength, our tie pads are 7 times greater in tensile strength than comparable products on the market. Our tear is 15 times stronger than similar rubber pads. Our proprietary sealant ensures extra long life of the pad.
We generally process your order the day we receive it. For more information orders call us at 330.338.4373 for information.


  • Corded rubber
  • Constructed of plies (layers) of nylon or polyester
  • Plies bonded together (vulcanized in rubber) on bias
  • Resilient pad under extremes of temperature and load
  • Convex in shape.
  • Free of any metal
  • Pad body 3/16" thick before sealant is applied
  • Thickness after application of sealant is ¼"
  • Tolerance +- 1/32"
  • Proprietary sealant applied to all sides
  • Sealant is a must when used on wood ties
  • Seals out water and foreign materials from ties

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